4 Budget Friendly Tips for Building a House


Building your own house, the way you have pictured it in your dreams is possible. Still, there are a few aspects that you should be aware of unless you want to make your budget skyrocket in one night and out of proportion. If you want to build your own house or redesign an existing one,… read more.

5 Mistakes Buyers Make When Buying a House


Rushing the process of buying a new house can have a terrible outcome. The worst part? Most of the times it could have been avoided if we had stopped to think about the buying process. That’s why we have gathered a few tips here at The Coto Group to help you avoid any inconvenience. Here’s… read more.

8 Tips For Buying Your First House


Are you planning to buy your first house and need a smart guide? At The Coto Group, we have some important tips for you. Check your credits. Buying a home is almost a synonym of applying for a credit or loan. First, browse the market thoroughly, look for those houses with what is vital to you and… read more.

799 Crandon Blvd #504: Where Art Meets Comfort


Artsy interiors, an unmatched location, marvelous marble floors and an open design kitchen for those gourmet nights. If this sounds appealing to you, the Ocean Tower One Condo on Key Biscayne might be what you’re looking for. Ride your elevator and join us, your new house awaits. The Beauty of terraces Built-in 2002, 799 Crandon… read more.

Am I Too Young to Invest in a Property?


Picture this: you’re driving out there in the city, as usual, and you come  across one of those real estate signs, as well as dozens of offers for new apartments, house or office projects and you can’t help but think that this is not made for you but for someone who’s much older (and with… read more.

Are You Ready to Live Alone?


There is no better feeling than getting home, taking off your shoes, get comfortable and enjoy the freedom to act and live as you please. Just imagine the feeling of arriving after work to your space and being able to do as you please, no one will be aware of what things you do or… read more.

Big Data and Real Estate: Does it Matters?


Big data is no longer a promise, but a standard. Relying on statistics, data experts know that numbers are but a translation of consumer behavior and habits, and that big data can turn any business into a successful one. This can also be applied to real estate. Big data is now more than just a… read more.

Finding an Ideal Location for Your Small Business


If you’re thinking about starting a small business, the first question you must ask yourself, where should I locate it? A critical percentage of your success will depend exclusively form your location (even if your company does not provide a physical service or product.) If you want to know how to find the ideal space… read more.

Generating Customer Leads in Real Estate Marketing


While not many real estate professionals are not exactly experts on how the internet may drive their sales positively, they should do their best to keep up with advances in online sales techniques. If you’re struggling with digital marketing, this article might help you out. The Internet changed the behavior of consumers and us as… read more.

House or Apartment: Which One is Best for Young Adults


Finding a young adult that wants to rent a house is almost an oddity. At least, that’s how it used to be. Nowadays more and more young people are increasing their purchasing capacity and having economic freedom. This makes them think about acquiring a property at an early age, either to live in it or… read more.